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Hi Katarina,

Spring is coming to Europe, slowly but surely. A new spring! Just take that in — the energy of something that never has existed before. Behind those heavy grey clouds, there is a bright blue sky and rays of sunshine with the capacity of waking everything up! 

What if you, stepping into the greatness of you, have the same capacity? Just saying…What if now is the time for change? What if now is the time to know what you really know? What if now is the time to create the future you truly desire? 

Do those questions make you lighter? Or smile a little? Then there is something true in those for you! We have a whirlwind of change coming up in March, with the founder and co-creator of Access, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, coming to Europe. 

And we’d like to invite you to join us, in Tallinn, in London, in Venice…or online! 

Below is an introduction to the classes with some free tasters and teasers, just for you, just for fun. 

Take some minutes and browse though to see if something catches your attention. That is what I would go for! 

Ok, that was all for now! A whirlwind of change is coming… 

What else is possible in 2014?

Katarina Wallentin

For the Access Consciousness Team

March 7 – Level 2&3

London, UK with the founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas

Generating your life is a moment-by-moment increase in what is possible in your life. When you stop creating from your past you can start generating a future that is unlimited. What if sensing the possibilities could replace judgment of everywhere you are right or wrong? Starting now? 

Find out more about these classes and pre-reqs here:

A taste?

Special invitation to the class in London:

March 7 – Being You, Changing the World – The Beginning 

London, UK with Dr. Dain Heer 

What would it be like if you created a bigger life and a reality worth playing in? What choices could you make that would be life changing and change the world? What if you, being you, are all it takes to change everything – your life, everyone around you and the world?  

Find out more about this class here:

A taste?

– This 1.5-hour online class will give you a taste of all of Dain’s Being Classes- ‘Turning Up Your Energetic Capacities (The Key to Being)’:

– The replay of the very first Being You Hangout, where Dain and Blossom explore the chapter about BODIES from the book ‘Being You, Changing the World’:

March 9 – Joy of Business Taster

London, UK with Simone Milasas

Do you find you work much more for your business than your business works for you?  What if you could have fun with your business? Money follows JOY. What if you were being JOYFUL in your business and in your life? 

Find out more about the class here: 

A taste?

What is Joy of Business?

Hangout with Simone:

March 13 – Being You, Changing the World 1-day Workshop

Tallinn, Estonia with Dr. Dain Heer

What if you could be the valuable item in your life? What if the future you truly desire can actually be created? During this one day class, you will get access to dynamic tools that can assist you in changing any area of your life: your relationships, body, money situation and future! 

Find out more about this class here:

A taste?

– Here is the special video invite to this class in Tallinn by Dain Heer:

March 17-21- The Facilitators Class

Venice, Italy with Gary Douglas  & Dr. Dain Heer

Is now the time for you to be the leader you truly be? Would you like to assist in increasing the happiness quota in people’s lives, so that there is the possibility of living an extraordinary life, instead of a life created from judgments and other people’s point of views? 

If so, well, then this class could be for you! 

Find out more about this class and pre-reqs here: 

A taste?

Here is a 2 min clip on awareness from the latest Facilitator class:

March 22 – Right Voice For You: Stepping Out

Venice, Italy with Blossom Benedict 

The day after Facilitators, Blossom will be offering a 1 day class for facilitators only— inviting them to step into truly being the tools with others.  When facilitating others, it is not just what you say, it is truly the energy you BE. What would it be like to be willing to receive judgments with ease?  To facilitate from no point of view?  And to truly show up as the gift you are? 

Find out more about this class and pre-reqs here:

A taste?

A video on the incredible power of lowering your barriers while facilitating others:

March 23-25 – The Energetic Synthesis of Being 

Venice, Italy or ONLINE with Dr. Dain Heer

This intensive takes you deeper into the wondrous adventure of Dr Dain Heer’s Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB). The ESB is a unique way of transforming limitations into possibilities and healing, for you, the world and the planet. The molecules in your body start to change — and you become aware of the catalyst you are for a different possibility in the world. 

Find out more about this class and pre-reqs here:
A taste?

– Here is your invitation to the ESB Intensive!

– A quick taste of the energetic wave truly possible:

March 26 – The Symphony of Possibilities – 1-day class
Venice, Italy or ONLINE with Dr. Dain Heer

Are you aware that your capacities with energies are…unique? This is a training like no other! During this day, Dain will build on the energetic transformation of the preceding ESB class to open up the space of infinite possibilities and also invite you to discover your capacities by working energetically on other people in the class. 

Find out more about this class and pre-reqs here: 

A taste?

– Here is a 7-minute taster from a recent Symphony class i Florida, USA:

Join us from home!

If you can’t come in person to Venice and join the ESB class, you’re welcome to join us from home! The energetic change is truly not limited by time and space! The only thing you require is a computer…
Here is a video about this possibility:
Sign up for the online ESB Class here:

Other languages on Tour!
Classes in Europe are growing so much and many countries have their own language. Since we aim for no exclusion, we are creating teams of translators so we can provide the possibility for everybody to join.
If you want to know more about this for the upcoming classes, please contact Kass at: