Where have you been seduced away from you?

Juliana Freeman 

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

We live in a world of seduction. We are bombarded with images and subliminal messages of how we should look and how we should behave. Moreover, the media and our culture often lead us to believe that is the source of our value; this is how we can get it ‘right’. 

As children, we learn how to please our families and subtly mould ourselves to become what they would like us to be. As teenagers, we tend to rebel against them. However, we are stuck in either aligning and agreeing or reacting to or resisting their realities and not in choosing our own.

How much do we get seduced out of our very being by other peoples’ realities?

The persuasive external messages that we receive through the media, our upbringing and our culture can also override the more subtle whispers of the magical energies that would guide you in a different direction. However, you can change that by starting to ask questions.

A question that can give you more clarity on this is:

Truth, who does this belong to?

What if 98% of all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not yours? What if they are what you pick up from all the energies around you?

If it lightens up at all when you ask ‘who does this belong to?’ then it wasn’t your thought, to begin with.

Once you have a sense of that you can then ask, what do you truly desire? What would you like to be, to create and contribute?

Also, if you discover that you have been picking up on other people’s desires, ideas, and points of view, you can return them to the sender with consciousness attached.

You return it to sender because you cannot change what is not yours. Additionally, if you return it to sender with consciousness attached this can be a gift of awareness for whoever was the original creator of the thought, feeling or emotion.

You don’t need to know who it came from but letting it go allows more space for you.

Potentially it can also assist them in becoming more conscious themselves if they choose it.

How do you do that? Say ‘return to sender’. Try it out and see if that creates more space to know what you truly desire?

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