What If You Could Talk To Your Home?

Laurence Sevagamy

Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator

What if your home has a consciousness of its own? What if everything on the planet has consciousness? I came across this idea a few years ago and the more I played with it, the more I became aware of about my own home and the homes of others. I know people at first think I’m crazy when I talk about it. But if we talk to our plants and our animals why not our homes?

The first step is to push down your barriers. You don’t have to think about it just get a sense of it. Then start to talk to your home and ask questions just like would talk to your pets or your plants.

Listen to the video below for more information on how to have a better relationship with your home:



2 thoughts on “What If You Could Talk To Your Home?

  1. Debi Reply

    Oh my goodness. Thank you so much Laurence this is absolutely amazing. I am so grateful and aware of my beautiful home and the information here is even greater for me now, more than before. Brilliant interview.

  2. Laurence Reply

    Thank you so much Debi. I’m happy to read that you are aware of how much your home is a gift in your life, because they are.
    Thank you so much to be willing to receive the gift of your home in your life;)
    WWIT for more ppl to choose that too;)

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