What Does Your Baby Know?

Cara Wright

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Do we come in with a personality or is that formed as we growing up? And what if there is even more that than we realise?

If you have ever have had children or worked with them you know that from a very young age, some might say even before they are born, children have a personality. And what if it’s more than just that? What if they have an awareness and a willingness to contribute to us that we have never acknowledged before?

I always find this an interesting conversation starter with moms. They haven’t usually considered what their babies know about pregnancy and birth and that they can contribute to the whole experience. However, there are many possibilities we can create with pregnancy and birth.

A little bit of background on myself and how became involved in pregnancies, birth, moms and babies:

It started when I was in college with a Bachelor of Science degree in health and education with an interest mothers and babies. Then later I became a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and I gave birth preparation classes. It was then a natural step to become a doula, which is a birthing coach for mothers that provide continuous support, for women and couples, through pregnancy, labour and birth and the immediate postnatal time.

After coming across the tools of Access Consciousness, I realised, even more, that I was engaging and working directly with the baby at and before the birth. We all have those weird little talents that we don’t realise we have until; finally, it hits us: ‘Oh, that’s what I was doing that whole time’.

I know it sounds weird and wacky, but it was the babies, the ones yet to be born that were asking me to take a step and start talking to mothers about the Access Consciousness tools . Especially how the tools can contribute to both parties to have more ease with what most describe as an intense experience.

So here are some of the top tips for moms.

Include your baby in your pregnancy and their birth.

People often disregard what babies can contribute to their mother’s body while their pregnant and how they contribute to the birth as well. These big beings in small bodies have points of view just like anyone else about what’s going on.

The more you include your baby in your pregnancy, birth, and even in their conception choices the more you can create ease for you and your body. The expectant women that I have seen put this in practice have created amazing possibilities!

Pay attention to what’s going on for your baby and give them information during the birth process and ask them to assist you

To hear more of Cara’s tips on pregnancy watch the video below:

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