Top of the POPS: The Global Foundation

What if The Global Foundation Class can create the change you have truly been looking for?

What if you could attend the class right from your own town or local area or country?

You can!

A POP is a Party of Possibilities. It is an opportunity to take the class virtually in a location that suits you. Allowing you to meet other, often local, class participants and contribute to one another exchanging Access Bars and other body processes.

Guess what you can attend The Global Foundation Class as a POP Class in the UK: in Lincolnshire, Herefordshire, North Yorkshire, and Cheshire!

What is The Global Foundation Class you ask? It is a class that gives you practical tools and resources that you can use in each moment to change your life for the better.

Re-igniting your intuitive knowing and allow yourself to be willing to know and act on what will work for you.

“What would I like to choose today?”

And that’s really what The Foundation classes are about.


For further information about POPs in the U.K. please contact the following POP hosts:

  Niki Duffy CF                                       Denise Oliver CF                     Juliana Freeman CF                        Elsbeth Hanson CF








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