‘Money Isn’t the Problem You Are’ book review with Paul Kearney


Paul Kearney

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

What I love about the book ‘Money Isn’t the Problem You Are by By Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer’, is its simplicity.  The contents of this book are beautifully summed up in the title.

We often blame money for not choosing what we want to choose.

So we say ‘Money is the problem I can’t afford this…I can’t do this…” But it’s not money, it’s actually our choice.

In addition to being marvellously pragmatic, this book also gives you 10 simple actions you can take to change your reality with money. One of my favourite tips is:

– Take 10 percent of what you make and put it away and never spend it. 

It’s an honouring of you.

What it does is it provides a feather bed so to speak, so you always have the sense of having money and having abundance in your life.

Using this tool myself, my income has grown dynamically. 

Watch the video above for more great pragmatic tips.

Also, included in this video is a sneak peek of the beautiful Castello di Casalborgone where Paul Kearney is the General Manager and director with Access Consciousness Europe.  The Castle is set in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region of Italy, just outside of Torino.

It is a magical place where guests can travel back in time to a period in history where having money meant experiencing opulence, decadence and the beauty of living with fine things and beautiful objects that contribute to your body and being.

The sumptuous antiques, decor, divine food, tranquil gardens, and gorgeous views of the Italian landscape from the castle gives you a taste of what it is to truly have and be money.



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