Is there another Possibility?

Possibility. It has become one of the most frequently used words in my vocabulary over the last few years. 

This word possibility is uttered nearly as often as my children’s names.

I often find myself writing a Facebook post to invite people to a class. As I read it back I’ll think, ‘You’ve used the word possibility four times and you’ve only written four sentences! There must be another word you can substitute with.’ 

That’s when I hit the search engine and try to find a synonym for the word and I realize and I are on a different page.

Its suggestions are chance, option, alternative, likelihood, or hope… nope, nope, nope.

Back to the search engine, I go to look up the etymology of the word possibility.

Now it gets interesting…. it comes from the Latin word possum for ‘I am able or I can’. Also, possibilis meaning ‘that may exist or that may be done’.

Put those two roots together and you’ve got something ‘that may exist or may be done’ and ‘I am able and I can’.

Have you got chills too?

So I shall continue to unabashedly use the word possibility without judging myself as lacking imagination, creativity, or an extensive vocabulary.

Because when a word as magical as ‘possibility‘ is available to invite you to an infinite array of choices that may exist and that you’re able to bring forth… I’m going to sprinkle possibility everywhere.


Liz Waters, Bars Practitioner


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