How To Embrace The Adventure Of Living

Melanie Meade

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Now more than ever we have been given the space to be present.

We have been stopped in our tracks and a lot of our previous distractions are no longer there. So what now, when it seems circumstances are out of our control and our daily routine has been thrown up in the air?

So I have been playing with the adventure of living even more. This is what it has shown me:

1. Trust You!

First and foremost you know what is best for you. The trick is to come out of the resistance and reaction to what is going on around us and ask: ‘What is true for me here?’, ‘What do I know?’.

You don’t need to hang around to hear the answer just keep asking, it will show up.

It often doesn’t come in loud announcements or thunderbolts, it’s usually a whisper. Just be willing to go with what you know and trust you.

2. It’s Not Always Comfortable.

Uncomfortable is just two more steps before you get to more of you. So when things get uncomfortable that is the first thing I remember.

You got this! Yes, it can suck but it’s only temporary if you are willing to not run away from the discomfort and lean into it. That might sound counter-intuitive but avoiding something doesn’t make it go away.

So ask these 4 questions as you lean into the discomfort:

– What is it?
– What can I do with it?
– Can I change it?
–  And If so how can I change it?

So why these particular questions? These questions are designed to give you more information.

The first one  ‘what is it ?’ gives you clarity on a situation, person, place, or thing. ‘What can I do with it?’ gives you a way forward.’ Then ‘can I change it?’ actually gives you a sense of if you can change it. Because so often when we have an awareness we assume because we are having the awareness we must do something with it. Not so!

Finally, ‘And if so how can I change it?’ gives you the sense of what steps you can take to change whatever it is that you are aware of.

Awareness does not come from outside you nor is it an answer, it comes from your willingness to trust you and know that you know. It is not logical nor does it come with instructions.

So be willing to let go of the control of thinking you have to figure it out– after all, it is an adventure.

Even when great explorers went to discover new worlds their maps could not always have been accurate nor did they always exactly know where they were going or what would be there when they arrived.

The adventure of living to me is creating your life where nothing is impossible and everything is a choice.

We can be our biggest judge, our worst critic, our own worst enemy. There are a lot of choices we are not making based on our perceived limitations.

In addition, there are choices we feel we should be making, that we judge ourselves into making. It’s a vicious circle.

If we gave up our expectations and limitations we might just be living our very own adventure! It’s an adventure that you get to create… if you are willing!



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