Happiness: Just A Choice?


Fiona Cutts CF

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

If you are anything like me, you may have found yourself during the corona pandemic missing out on some of the things that usually make you happy. We all have our things. For me, it is dancing.

I can imagine many people who know me wouldn’t believe someone like me who loves to dance, loves live music and above all loves to be with people could be surviving through isolation of 2020 and now 2021, much less thriving!

Indeed the things I love most have all but disappeared and made impossible by the current restrictions. Making me wonder wow how did that happen? How has it has become “normal”? I have not had that delicious energy of dance, music and the touch of a fellow dancer.

So how have I thrived during these uncertain times?

I have lowered my barriers and been completely vulnerable with me. ‘Fiona’, I said to myself. ‘You can choose to self-pity because you can’t do what you have decided is the one thing that will keep you alive and happy and thriving. OR you can choose to enjoy what you do have’.

Consequently, I look for things to enjoy during lockdown, and they have been numerous.

For instance, I have had a beautiful place to live, some of the most amazing beautiful scenery, trees, rocks, the sea and fresh air. This time has also enabled me to create and design a thriving online business, which I find hugely gratifying.

That’s not to say that my mind can’t still go crazy with the thoughts of doubt, fear and anxiety.

However, most of the time, I catch myself. I realise much of what I’m aware of is others people’s feelings around me.

Furthermore, even though I don’t always choose to be happy I acknowledge that happiness whatever our circumstances are is just a choice.

We can have the most seemingly impossible circumstances to deal with, and we can still be happy.

The tools of Access Consciousness allow me to live and enjoy my life with way more ease. These tools allow the seemingly impossible circumstances to become possible.  These tools give you the door to choose happiness, no matter what.

My favourite questions to ask in difficult circumstances are:

-How can all of this turn out better than I could have imagined was possible?

-What would it take to wake up happy? (I say this every night before I go to sleep.)

-How does it get easier than this?

When I’m feeling low, I ask:

-Hey, universe show me my happy.

-Hey, consciousness show me what happiness is for me today.

The strange thing is that when I as the universe or consciousness to show me my happy it shows up sometimes in the most unexpected ways and faster than I could have possibly imagined.

And yes, I am looking forward to a dance party. A chance to celebrate the end to this insanity on the planet; whenever that is!

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