Generation and Creation

Access ToolsWith generation, you are generating a constant state of energy. With creation, there is a start, change and stop element. You start something and then continue it until it’s done, and then you end and move on.

For example, when you create money in your life you think, “I need this money for X, Y or Z.” You create the money and then the money flow stops, until you have to start creating another money flow. You have the stop and start, jerking effect with money that doesn’t need to be there.

How can you begin to function, more from generation? Ask questions, don’t go to conclusion and choose. Here’s a verbal process you can run that may assist you with different choices around money.

What energy, space and consciousness can my body and I be, to be generators of continuous money, wealth and abundance for all Eternity? Everything that does not allow that to show up, times a Godzillion, will you destroy and un-create it all please. Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD, all nine, shorts, boys and beyonds.


Ed. Many people say or play these verbal processes 30 times a day for 30 days, and report having greater clarity and awareness around the topic. Try it!