From the Language Frontier….

Hello Europe

What an exciting year 2014 is for Access in Europe.
With its multitude of languages, Europe has recently become one of the fastest growing regions seeking and utilizing the tools of Access on a daily basis; and the dissemination of information, manuals and books in the many languages of Europe has certainly been a contribution to this growth. And this is just the beginning.

In February 2014 we are launching 11 new landing pages in different languages. That’s right, eleven. And how cool is that? These landing pages, which are really mini websites, offer infinite possibilities for a simultaneity of communication in over 10 different languages. (You gotta love technology) Although this communication has been happening for several years now thanks to the translations of selected books, manuals – we have Bars manuals in over 20 languages – newsletters, emails and most recently teleclasses, these mini websites will offer a resource for thousands of people eager for more information about Access in their language. They will also provide a place to read Access articles, updates, and soon to search for facilitators, classes and news relative to a given language or country where that language is spoken..

When? Well, as of Feb 1 mini websites in Croatian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish and English will be on-line . Dutch, Estonian, French, Polish and Spanish will follow as of mid month. And there will be more to come in the future.
How does it get any better than that and what else is possible?

More Access and more Accessibility: Other breaking news on the language front includes simultaneous translations available for all of Gary and Dain’s classes in Europe and even selected teleclasses. Say what? How did we get so lucky? Well, you asked for it and now you got it. This breaking news opens up exponentially the possibilities for everyone. Do you get teh energy of that? Wow. Not only for those who do not understand English but also for those who do speak English what magic to hear Gary and Dain and to perceive the European flavor of a multilingual continent. If you are interested in attending a translated class or desire a translation, please send an email to

And finally we are SEEKING TRANSLATORS: We are eager to find translators who love Access and are willing to embark on this exhilarating adventure into the world of simultaneity. So if you would like to hone your skills or want more information about translations and translating or enjoying translated classes please let us know. Contact me and let’s explore the infinite possibilities.
What magic can we create together beyond the linguistic limitations of this reality with ease?

Have fun
Kass and the Access Team

Kass Thomas
Worldwide Language Coordinator
Access Consciousness