Explode Your Business Into Joy !!


Paul Kearney

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

For most people, a sense of joy and business do not go together.

However, that has never been my point of view. I am a facilitator with the Joy of Business. It was founded six years ago by Simone Milasas an international businesswoman and  Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.

Simone’s aim is to bring more joy into business. Because for a lot of people, business is super serious, super heavy and not fun. She realised that she had a different perspective on how she looked at business.

This perspective completely dovetails with how I work. For me, business is all about creation, and I’ve always enjoyed it.

I started my first business when I was 17 selling golf balls. A friend and I worked at a golf club, and one of our jobs was to clean the rivers and the greens. While we were cleaning, we found these missing golf balls. So we thought, why don’t we start selling them? We did well, but the guy that ran the golf club complained and we were shut down after two days. I can still remember when we made our first sale, it was great, easy and so much fun. We sold a lot of them, and we were like wow we are in business!

That first business catapulted me into a career with 15 years in international project management and technical support with leading multinationals across the world.

Presently I am now working as a business consultant, Director for Access Consciousness Europe and the Manager of Castello di Casalborgone, a boutique hotel in Turin, Italy.

One of my favourite things Simone Milasas says is: “If there’s blood in your veins, you’re in business”.

To elaborate, this means your business intertwined with every part is your life; your life is your business. People often compartmentalise their lives into categories such as this is my business, and this is my family; they don’t overflow or overlap or contributes to each other. Life, however, is like a tapestry, we weave the pieces together to create something beautiful.

Listen to the video below for more amazing Joy of Business tools with Paul Kearney:


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