Eek!! What Are Entities?

Melanie Clampit CF

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

When you hear the word ghost, what pops into your head? Is it slimmer from the film ‘Ghostbusters’, zombie-like creatures from ‘Six Sense’ or something that lurks in the dark?

What if entities are something more than we realise? Entities are actually all around us all the time. They are just energies with identities. They can be anything from your Great Aunt that passed on, to the film you just watched, the painting your child made you, to the chair your sitting on right now.

Far out, right?! Is it really, though? How many of us talk to our cars, plants, creations, pets, and loved ones that have passed away.

This idea may sound crazy to some of you. And the truth is we have been interacting with all kinds of things around us that are still unexplained. For instance, at one time as people, we had no idea what bacteria was, yet that didn’t stop it from impacting our daily lives. So what if you started walking on the wild side? How do you do that? You can begin by acknowledging that there may be more on heaven or earth than we may have dreamt of in our reality.

To find out more about Talk to the Entities, listen to the film below:

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