Dancing with Nature

Juliana Freeman 

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

I’ve been excited all afternoon about this conversation on nature spirits with Juliana.

Juliana appears on the screen for our interview. She herself seems like one of the faerie folk with her impish grin, blue eyes dancing, and a general aura vivacity.

I jump in enthusiastically with my first question, ‘As a child did you see or play with the faerie folk and nature spirits?’

She smiles as she responds, ‘The unseen world has always seemed more real to me. What I perceived in the world of people is that the energy doesn’t match their words.

However, as a child when I was playing in the grass making daisy chains or playing with animals I felt at ease. Nature knows what it’s being, there is no contortion there’.

Eventually  I found, in my early twenties, an esoteric group that was talking about nature spirits and all sorts of magical things. It was then I started talking to trees, dragons, and fairies. Oh my God, it was amazing.

Although I loved working with entities I found the tools I had somewhat laborious and I was often at the effect of entities. That’s when I came across Access Consciousness.

The Access Consciousness and Talk to the Entities tools have given me greater ease of communication with the nature spirits.

Moreover, The Talk to the Entities Tools allowed me to get rid of many of my points of view and belief systems around entities. That then opened up so many possibilities in communication with them that I didn’t have before’.

Fascinated by her experiences I ask: ‘What conversation have you had with a being or beings that really surprised you?’

‘When I go places entities talk to me. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was walking through a shopping centre and suddenly there was a line of cow entities looking at me and clearly wanted to have a conversation.

So I said, “Ok what is it, guys?” They brought this beautiful message through. They said that that shopping centre was built on an old market place where cattle were sold and also slaughtered. Chiefly their message was about being grateful for the sacrifice of their bodies for our nourishment.

What I understand from all the conversations I’ve had with them is that they need us. It’s not just we need them and they’ve got the magic. No, we’ve got the magic too and we’ve got bodies that allow us to shift the energy. Our bodies are able to do that with something as simple singing or being aware of where and when we are planting things in our garden’.

Excitedly I ask: ‘Where does one begin?’

‘Start by letting go of any points of view you have about those realms, your ability to connect, and any doubt you have.

Furthermore, be willing to trust the whispers you perceive and do not dismiss them. That’s a big one that can trip us up, ‘Oh, I must be imagining that the tree spoke to me’. Or ‘Did I really see that flash of light?’.

Questions can also be a great way to start that connection:

  • What will it take for me to have communion with these beings?
  • What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to have this communion?
  • What would I have to change to create this?
  • What contribution can I be to these beings?
  • What would I be willing to receive from these beings?

Questions like this will open the possibilities for greater communion and allow more ease and joy with the process.

All in all, these tools have been and continue to be amazing in all the work I do with land beings and nature beings of all kinds.”



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