Creating your body…yes, you can!

Before Access Consciousness® I liked my body…kinda.

Being a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer I was involved with bodies and enjoyed working with them, and still do.

However, I learned that this body is what you have and this body is what you have to work with.

From a young age, I had various ailments and the doctors always told me: this is just the way it is. That made me so angry. Now I know why, it was a lie!

When Access Consciousness came into my life, I was surprised to hear that we actually chose the body we have. We are not victims of destiny – we are the creators of our life and body!

Knowing this opened up a whole new space for me and the difficulty breathing that I would sometimes have, literally evaporated.

The realization that we choose the body we embody right now takes away all this energy we have put into self-pity and blame. It makes something else completely possible. If we created this, then we can create something else.

Connected to this was the revolutionary awareness that – your body does not get created by the food you eat and exercise you do. It gets created by your points of view!
Say what?!

Your body is so much in service to you – if you give it a point of view (such as my stomach is only getting bigger!) it will receive this order and actualize it for you. So when you change your point of view – so will your body.

Isn’t that amazing?!

The creation of our body becomes a possibility, not a dream or a fantasy.

There is a lot that our body itself can offer us here. Where we don’t have to ‘get’ anything, we don’t have to analyze and understand ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. But we can step away and allow the body to show us.

This is where the magic of body processes come into play. Body processes are hands-on processes that allow you to undo anything that does not serve it. We have locked in many points of view and limitations in our bodies.

Body processes literally turn on your body and light it up!

What if you could use these body processes to assist you in the creation and enjoyment of your body.

What else is possible now?!

Kalpana Raghuraman CF

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