Change Beyond What Is Supposed To Be Possible

BAM! I woke up one morning feeling tired and exhausted as if the tiredness was in my bones and the cells of my body.

I somehow knew it was not going to go away quickly. The next five years saw me searching for “cures”. Trying out new tablets and new therapies, feeling enthusiastic and then depressed again, as the things I was so hopeful about did not work. And then someone recommended I see an energy healer. As soon as I saw this woman, I knew I would get better. It was then that I knew I would become an energy healer, without having any idea at all what that entailed. And that is what occurred.

A few months later, I was enrolled in a life-changing three-year course to become an energy healer. I learned all about different kinds of healing and I loved it! Fully recovered I was energized and happy.  To a degree that people only dream of when they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Establishing my own one to one healing practice, seemingly I had everything I asked for. However, I was bored and still had that nagging feeling there must be more.

In retrospect, I was asking a question, and the universe responded and I found Access Consciousness. I immediately knew this was what I had been looking for. Soon after I became a Bars Practitioner and started using the Bars with clients rather than all the other energy healing techniques I had learned.

Access Consciousness was simply easier and more effective for most people. I was hooked.

I attended a lot of classes and got licenses to facilitate a lot of different classes.

As my awareness expanded I noticed that I was not being present or enjoying parts of my life. With the tools of Access Consciousness, I am more aware of what is not working and I can choose to change it. These tools have also allowed me to become happier and happier and more and more energized. I had discovered how much energy it takes to hold limitations in place insecurities and areas where you’re not willing to choose you – no wonder I was tired! I had a lot of that going on!

My life and what I am willing to be in my life continues to expand and unfold in ways that surprise and delight me.

This is not supposed to be possible for someone who has had a fatigue illness and is also not supposed to be possible for someone of my age. I look forward to discovering what possibilities I can choose and create. And what other amazing people I can meet on this journey. I am so grateful.

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Access Consciousness

Author: Fiona Cutts CF

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