Beyond Mindfulness

Years ago, I was a practicing Buddhist. I loved the teachings and found them freeing and empowering.

I particularly loved meditation as it was something I could do and enjoy even with chronic fatigue syndrome.

We had two main types of meditation – meditation to cultivate happier states of mind, and mindfulness meditation. This second meditation was designed to train the mind to be in the present, to let go of worries and stress. For me, the latter was intense at the time as my body was so weak. At least that is how it seemed to me.

I remember going round and round in circles, trying to figure out a way out of my illness. Sometimes I did notice that my training on the meditation cushion enabled me to get away from the mental turmoil and into the present in my everyday life. However, most of the time I would only feel blissed and happy in meditation.

And then at the end of the meditation often my reality would come crashing in and my ability to stay present was not as possible.

I also remember from this period how many of us would live life at a slow pace – focusing on our feet as we walked down the street. Focusing on the feeling of the tea towel in our hands as we washed up. And almost priding ourselves on living slowly but enjoyably, or so we said.

At the time all of this practice was tremendously helpful to me. My life with chronic fatigue and a chronic low mood made my life scarcely worth living. These techniques gave me some respite from that and some slight improvement.

However, ever since I have found the Access Bars®, something very different has occurred.

Something that I wasn’t even expecting. Access Bars have changed my life. I am happier, healthier and my mind loops less frequently. I have fewer worries, I look and feel younger than I “should”, I laugh more and have way more ease in my life.

Surprisingly I found myself being present in a way that I had never thought was possible when I was dedicating my life to being present through meditation.

I was enjoying the moment, but without that “force” that can come from mindfulness practice.

This was natural. A result of letting go of thoughts, feelings, emotions, traumatic events from the past; we can then reclaim our “birthright” to be here. To enjoy our amazing bodies on this beautiful planet.

I am so grateful and I wonder what more is possible as I and other people continue to have our Bars run.

I continue to let go of the past, and continue to be more present than I would have ever thought was possible.






Author: Fiona Cutts CF

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