Bejeweled – the Secrets of Finding Treasure

Lisen Bengtsson

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Many of us take for granted the knowledge and experiences we had growing it up. Maybe it was a relative that passed on a love of plants, or cooking, or music or carpentry etc.

Things that come naturally to us, we don’t value let alone realise they could be a thriving business.

For me, I grew up surrounded beautiful things. I learned almost by osmosis as my parents bought, sold and discovered treasures in their thriving antique business.

However, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I started using the tools of Access Consciousness, but I never thought about using them with jewellery. It wasn’t until Gary Douglas, one of the founders of Access Consciousness and antique dealer himself, that I realised I might have a fun viable business with something I loved and hadn’t acknowledged.

Now, this is where the magic begins.

For those of you don’t know, Access Consciousness is a set of pragmatic tools and processes that you can use in any area of your life. Using them treasure hunting to me is like an adventure and a life-changing experience. The basis of Access Consciousness is about asking questions to gain information from everywhere and everything! Sound weird and wacky?! Well, it is!

It’s about using your gut instinct and all of your senses. Can you recall when you have acted on your intuition?

Where you knew to go to that shop where there was the perfect dress, or you had the sense to take that unknown street, and it took you to that fantastic restaurant! Do you remember?

Having grown up with parents that bought and sold jewellery, I already had a working knowledge of good design and craftsmanship. However, fashions and interests change, and so I had a lot to catch up on. Also, regardless of your knowledge base, there is always more to learn and that’s where the tools of Access Consciousness have been invaluable.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the tools of Access Consciousness, they are based on asking questions to gain awareness in any area of your life including jewellery.

The fun thing about asking questions makes finding treasure much quicker. Questions also have given me information from everywhere, including the most unlikely of places. Sometimes it’s the piece that teaches me about that particular era or item. So sometimes, the item may not turn out to be very valuable; however, it will give me a whole lot of information.

It is having information that is a true commodity because that’s what allows you to know when you have treasure in your hands.

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