Being in the question with Horses

Eileen Murphy

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

I have been working with horses my whole life. In general, I’ve been instructed that there is a certain way that you work with horses, and that’s the way it is.

However, I have always been different.

Consequently, as a rider, I have always looked for the easiest way to teach the horse a task. So trying different things and ideas of doing things was normal to me. I also change something immediately if it didn’t work.

Therefore when I first came across Conscious Horse Conscious Rider tools and philosophies, I immediately liked how they prioritise the fact that the horse knows what it requires.

I discovered this class was not about learning to rescue or save horses. It is about giving you the tools to facilitate your horse with body processes and information. It is life-changing for the animals and the people involved. Additionally, they are tools you can use for the rest of your life. However, be aware that the changes rarely shows up how you think they are going to.

After I took the class, I had a sense that I could trust myself when dealing with people and situations and go with my intuition to find the person with the information I required.

In addition, I now have the tools to apply my knowledge with my horses with a question attached. In other words, I ask myself and those horses questions and get a sense of what would work for me and them.

Instead of assuming the horse wants me to ride them, I now ask a question “Horse, would you like me to ride you today?” “Would you like to do some jumping? What about some hacking would that be fun? How about going for a Gallop!!?”

For instance, my horse Jimmy was becoming bored of doing the same thing each day, hacking the same road and doing the same flatwork. He wanted a new challenge! I knew this because when he is happy in his work, he is attentive and responsive. However, he had become the opposite. He was always calling to his friends and not listening to my riding aids.

I had been teaching one of my other horses’ horseback archery, and I just had this sense Jimmy would like it too. It also really suits his personality as he is super friendly, curious and sweet-tempered. He also loves attention, and I knew he is a relaxed kind of guy and doesn’t get worked up about new information.

I knew immediately that this was for him as he was more present when I was riding and working him. And since we started the archery he no longer looks around for other horses or resists me. He is engaged and loves learning something new every day.

So, how do you have this kind of communication with your horse? Simple, start by asking your horse questions. If you have worked with horses for any length of time you may already have a sixth sense and know what your horse is telling you.

Horses are often transparent when they are not happy about you riding them. In extreme cases, you may find yourself ejected from the saddle and landing in a heap on the ground.

So, ask a question! Horse, what would you like today? And don’t decide for him, even if it is something as equestrians we are encouraged to do.




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