Beauty, the Inspiration of Wealth

Moira Bramley CF

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

When I was 16, I worked for a Sony Centre that sold the latest in high-tech entertainment devices. After working there for a few months, they said that I could choose anything from the store and pay it back from my wages each week! I will never forget the joy it gave me taking home the latest state-of-the-art TV and gifting it to my family. We had an old black and white TV which we had to hit to stop the picture blurring. I remember that the new TV changed the whole energy in the house. I was very proud and set out to continue adding and changing things in that house and our lives. At the time, we had no fridge, so I bought a fridge freezer. We also had no phone, so I bought a phone and every time it rang I heard a sound of wealth!

I knew that when I left home, I was choosing to have beautiful things in my life.

I didn’t cognitively know at the time that beauty expands the space we be. Beauty can expand your very being as can wealth if you allow it. Even at that time, I could perceive how wealth and beauty affected each member of my family. My father was disdainful, and my mother loved it and felt guilty. My sister liked it, and my brother was so full of trauma, he hardly noticed that his surroundings were changing. I learned that I loved changing the energy of spaces and inviting people to greater!

When you admire and are grateful for places, people, and things, you contribute energy to them and, in return, receive more from them. A piece of furniture, food, a body – they become more.


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