Art Whispering

Emanuela Siani CF

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Have you ever wanted to create as an artist and not known where to start? Have you struggled to find the inspiration or just had difficulty visualising what you wanted to achieve?

My name is Emanuela Siani, and ever since my first lesson at school, I have loved art. Over the years, my skills have developed, but I would sometimes run into roadblocks like many artists. Often, I would sit in front of my blank space, and the inspiration just wasn’t there. Either my mind, just like my canvas, would be empty, or I would have the idea in my head but didn’t know how to form the image that was floating around.

Lack of inspiration affected me for the longest time until something miraculous occurred! I learned what it was to be an art whisperer. I started to ask questions, and I began to listen.

Several years ago I began using the tools of Access Consciousness, which is based on asking questions to gain awareness. However, although I used them in many parts of my life I did not start applying them to making art. In fact, it wasn’t until I was commissioned to restore and create murals and paintings as part of the restoration of Castello di Casalborgone in Turino, Italy that I started to see how they could be used with creating art.

My restoration team and I were incredibly excited about the project. Castello di Casalborgone is a castle that had been abandoned and uninhabited for about 40 years. Although the bones of the castle were still good, much of the interior and decoration had fallen into disrepair.

But as I walked around this ancient castle, I could feel the molecules start to wake up as I touched the surfaces.

I remember most distinctly putting my hands on the ceiling and feeling it come alive beneath my hands, and a rush of images filled my head. I did this with each room in turn, and it may sound strange, but I realised I was actually having a conversation with the building itself.

The key to art whispering, I realised with the castle, was having no agenda or preconceived idea or expectations of what it should look like. That’s when I discovered that you could start to hear the molecules of the piece or project you are working on.

During the project with Castello di Casalborgone, I had a team working with me, and they could see me working and asking questions and perhaps they thought I was a bit crazy. Nevertheless, they were excited and surprised by how easily and quickly the project came together.

Also, being willing to have an awareness of what something wants to be now and in the future allows it to have a life of its own and grow and change and live. For instance, I remember walking on the street, I bumped into a beautiful antique planter, and I had this strong sense that the castle was whispering to me, telling me I’d like one of those, please.

If you would like to play with this, my suggestion is to allow yourself to be inspired and ask what I can be inspired about today?

Look at art-making less like your creation and more like you are the director of a film. Be willing to use everything as a possible source of inspiration. And ask every single thing around you, whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral, to contribute to your project. By doing this it is amazing what can occur. Be willing to dive into the chaos of the unknown and let go of your logical mind; that’s where true inspiration can come, and magic happens.

To find out more about Emanuela Siani and art whispering watch the video below:


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