Are You Ready to Choose More Money?

Christine DiDomenico

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

How many of you have decided that having more money means you have to work harder?

What if that is one of the biggest lies about money we have bought?

Science says that everything is made up of energy and has a vibration. Money has a vibration and each one of us has a vibration. Our thoughts and feelings also have vibrations. What is your vibration with money? What thoughts, beliefs, and ideas do you have about money? Is money scarce?

Is it difficult to have money? Do you believe work equals money? Do you cringe when the bills are due? How do you feel after hearing those questions? Do they give you a sense of possibility or a sense of dread?

Now get a sense of a love of money, money being abundant, and the ease of having money. How does that make you feel? Does it give you a sense of expansion and possibility? What would you like to choose now? Do you prefer the heaviness of the lack of money and hard work or do you prefer knowing it’s possible to have the lightness of abundance with money?

Being vibrationally compatible with money can change what shows up in your life.

It’s the energy that you are being with money that creates money not what you do. Does it sometimes include doing? Yes! But you can do and do and do and still not have money. When you are willing to be the energy of abundance and wealth and know that money can show up with ease then money will show up with ease in many different ways including with what you choose to do.

How do you BE money, you might ask?

As mentioned earlier, your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs have energy. Begin to notice what goes on in your head. When you look at the cost of something you’d like to purchase do you immediately decide if you can or cannot buy it based on the price? Do you have points of view that you have taken from your parents and the way you were brought up in regard to money that does not apply to you now? Do you worry about money? How can you BE different with money?

One of the most powerful ways to change your energy with money is to begin to BE in the question and eliminate all decisions and conclusions you have about money.

For instance, instead of deciding that you can’t buy something, you desire to ask, what would it take for me to have this? If you are struggling with money, ask, what would it take for this to change?

A great question to allow for a different possibility is, how does it get any better than this? Just ask the question and don’t look for an answer. Allow the question to open new doors and new awareness. Relax into the question and let it do its work. Remember, It’s not what you do that changes your money situation. It’s what you be that changes your financial reality.

The universe is abundant and so is money.


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