Acknowledging the Gift of You

Jeni Be

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

For most of my life, I found everything was too much! The world was too bright, too loud, and too intense. I was allergic to everything and depressed and anxious. I also had conflicting views, and I never knew my own mind.

My head hurt, my body hurt, and my life hurts!

I had reached the place where I wondered what was life’s purpose? I was wheelchair-bound and had a carer to help me wash and dress. Also, I took prescribed meds so that I could sleep and not be in pain. It was no life, and I was only 44 years old.

To fit into this world, I had continued to cut large pieces of me out of my own life. Did that work? Ultimately, not in the slightest, instead, my life became smaller, and my body experienced increased levels of pain.

How did I change this? Chiefly, I kept seeking until I discovered something called the Access Consciousness Bars. It is a gentle hands-on body process, where someone places their fingers on different points on your head and allows anything that is limiting you and or your body to dissipate. I had my first Access Bars session, and it completely changed my life. I started taking classes and using the Access Consciousness tools in my everyday life.

 These are the particular tools I chose to change everything:

  1. I had the Access Bars process run as often as I possibly could.
  2.  Taking stock I looked at what I was asking for in my life.
  3. I became aware when I judged me, my body, and then I would stop myself and ask a question: “If I know not this, then what else is possible?”
  4. The most important choice I made was acknowledging my awareness with using the tool: “Who does this belong to?” and returning it to sender with consciousness.

Who does this belong to is simply a question to make you aware that a large portion of what you are aware of is not yours.

What if 99% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not yours?!

Furthermore, the ‘who does belong to’ tool taught me how aware I am, furthermore, it made sense to me why had so many conflicting points of views. They weren’t mine! I was picking up on everyone else’s thoughts.

Notably, as soon as I started to acknowledge my awareness, significant changes occurred with me and the relationship with my body.

Access Consciousness X-Men tools opened up even more information to me. I began to embrace spherical awareness, which is about being aware of everything, 360 degrees of past present, and future.

Now seven years on the ‘who does it belong to’ is still my favourite tool.

Here are some questions you can ask to start using and acknowledging your awareness:

What if you acknowledge the gift of awareness?

What if you can use your awareness to your advantage?

How much information does your body give you about your awareness?

Is now the time to trust YOU and your body and the joyous partnership they have?

Access Consciousness tools have allowed me to know how aware I am. They have opened up a door for me to be free. Giving me the gift to know me better, to know what I know and know and what is mine and what it is not.

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